"I liked  that the instructor (Charles) explained the steps and then demonstrated...I appreciated the instructor's help and advice for the business section.  I appreciate Mr Wiltsie's knowledge and advice!  Wonderful Person!"
Theresa Avardao | Hearne, Texas

Atlanta, Georgia 

"There was a lot of repetition.  This made it easier to learn- muscle memory...also I enjoyed the crossover of information, this also helped with memory."
Jill Scoggins | San Antonio, Texas

"The stories that went along with the instruction were awesome!  They will stay with me forever.  The hand's-on was intense and I absolutely loved that.  I have taken many CEU's and this is the first time I've taken one by someone with the same passion I have for what I do."
Sonya Sauseda Paulini | Bryan, Texas

Houston, Texas 

"The teaching of the material was very good and clear.  The personality of the trainer (Charles) was just fantastic.  Thank you for making it accessible and easy for us/me to learn"
Elie A. Akotia | Altamont Springs, FL
L'Eveil Massage

"Level of knowledge and information is AMAZING!  Loved this training! So glad the opportunity presented itself to be here"
Itasha Rigby | Tallahassee, FL

"What I liked about the training was, learning the technique (Lypossage) from the creator a being able to ask him questions, in person..."
Jennifer Franco | Woodstock, GA

"I had never heard of Lypossage before so the techniques and the benefits were very interesting.  The instructor, Charles, wads very well spoken, very, knowledgeable, and engaging."
Shanna Frawley, LMT, CLt.


"What I liked was the method of teaching, the instructor is phenomenal and made the class extremely eager to learn"
Rhonda Holloway | Cheshire, CT

Atlanta, Georgia 

"I loved the hands on work but the lecture in this class was outstanding.  I learned more about business in two hours than I did in months at massage school"
Garret Serven | Glastonbury, Connecticut

"What I liked best about this training (Lypossage) was the hand's on practice.  Also understanding how Lypossage started and the research behind it makes me believe more on how effective it is..."
Omar Baray | Eagle Mountain, Utah

Middletown, CT 

"...well I loved the technique (Lypossage) of the massage...it takes away the boring times I have had in other massage classes.  I like the business part of the class as well"
Kaytee Olszk | Colorado

"...class was amazing...great business tips "
Patricia Nãjera Colominas | Houston, Texas

"What I liked best was that the training was very thorough and well thought out.  The hands on portion was fast-paced and attention was paid to fair and balanced feedback"
Sierra M. Hall | Kennesaw, Georgia

".Wonderful tool to have to enhance business and also  its therapeutic application.  Great, Great, Great Class!!!"
Sofia Tzimis | Norwalk Connecticut

"I liked learning the techniques and the hands on.  I rate this class 5 out of 5 is all areas"
Veronica Pacheo | Bristol, Rhode Island

"I like ALL of this class...5 out of 5..."
Matilde Muñoz | Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas 

Middletown, CT 

"I loved all of it!  Charles is amazing.  I would say my favorite activity was the hands-on learning and the business portion.  I also loved all of his stories."
Chrystal Patterson | Lake Jackson/Angleton, Texas

Krystyna Montermayor | Lake Jackson, Texas

Class, "Exceded Expectations.  I enjoyed this class immensely, and so glad it was available.  Charles is such a great teacher and so patient.  He has such great stories and knowledge."
Diana Romick | Greely, Colorado
healinghandsby di@gmail.com

"The freindliness and care from Charles was amazing.  Charles made the work fun and easy.  I feel empowered with knowledge after leaving this course.  Can't wait to come back for another class"
Lena List | Puyallup, Washington

"I rate  the Practice Building Class 5 of 5...Charles gives a clear idea of the process I need to follow to sent up a successful practice"
Lorena Pangtay de Alfaro | Sugar Land, Texas