This Machine focuses on:

  • Muscle Tone
  • Circulation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Skin Tone
  • Reduction in the look of Cellulite
  • Dimension Loss
  • General Good Health
  • Easy to Use

How Does this Machine Work?

The G5 Cellutec Machine produces a  noninvasive therapy treatment for the skin, muscle tissue, lymph system and circulatory system.  Combined with the Spa Applicator Package the Cellutec unit can facilitate successful aesthetic treatments such as cellulite reduction, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, skin toning ad muscle relaxation.

The Cellutec for Lypossage® comes complete with caster stand, accessory tray, and Spa Treatment Applicator Package.  This machine is certified for the delivery of Lypossage® Treatments and includes the educational material needed to learn and deliver the Lypossage® Treatment (includes instructional manual and Flash Drive with Instructional Videos).

Continuously Variable speed: 20-60 CPS.

Complete System $2995.00

G5 Cellutec for Lypossage®... Tried & True for More Than 20 Years

The Perfect Portable Massage Package

The G5 GBM Professional Portable Massager is our
most powerful hand-held device.  It incorporates
the powerful massage action of our stand
mounted G5 Cellutec Massage Machines into
a small compact, hand-held-unit.  A massager
small enough on the outside to fit in a gym bag,
but big enough on the inside to consistently
deliver powerful, deep penetrating massage
action.  The G5 GBM is ideal for the Athletic
Trainer, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, 
Lypossage Practitioner or Athlete on the go!  Comes with our Professional Portable ApplicatorPackage.  G5 Travel Bag  NOT Included.  The G5 GBM massager is beneficial to anyone who competes, works out, or  is involved in strenuous work.  Before an activity, use to enhance flexibility, increase range-of-motion, and reduce risk of muscle spasms, strains or contusions.  After exertion, rely on the G5 GBM to accelerate the healing process, to reduce pain and swelling by flushing out lactic acid buildup in the muscles, and to relieve muscle pain caused by work or stress. *this machine will be dark or light grey in color- you cannot specify color.

Unit Advantages:
1) Portable device with the same quality and durability as our larger models.  2) Ergonomical grip point for convenient one or two handed operation.  3) Variable speed control: 15-55 cycles per second

Complete System $1995.00

  • Delivers Consistent Results
  • Is Light Weight for Easy
  • Works Well with Lypossage®
    Treatments and Products
  • Is Durable

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